Yu-ki Abe Photography - 新しき家

私の母方の実家は代々農業を生業としてきた。築83年になる母屋の建て替えが決まり私は二つの家を撮影する機会に恵まれた。標高950m、風が戸を叩く平屋。農家は雪解けと共に家を出た。 最初に家具が消えて空っぽになり、田植えの後には柄入りのガラス戸も消えて、解体の神事を終えた後、平屋は昔の面影を見せた。 いつもと変わらず農家は畑に通い、傍らで新居の工事が進む。ハウスに絡む蔦のように骨組みに巻き付いたコードが血管にも見えて、次第に肉を付け人の住処になっていく。まだ人の匂いがしない家も年月と共に皺が刻み込まれ、在りし日の平屋のように柱も少しずつ曲がり、いつか歳を重ねた老人のような面影を見せる日が来るのだろう。毎年繰り返されてきた農作。農家の住処であり続けた家。 ずっと続くと思っていた景色も少しずつ変わり、いつか訪れる節目。 私は家と人の一生を、どこか重ね合わせて撮影していた。             New House My grandmother and their families of my mother's side have been in farm work for generations. One day they decided to rebuild their old house which was 83 years old and I got a good chance to take a photograph of their old house and new house. Their house has been 950 meters over the sea level standing against storong wind and heavy snow every winter. At the end of the winter the snow started melting and the house got to show it self.Furniture was first moved out and it looked so empty.After rice planting all of windows were taken off to.I could see the old one-storied house when we performed ancestral rites to disassemble it.Daily life of the farm was as usual. My grandmother and their families were working on the field while the reconstruction was going on. Many cables which were coild around building frames looked like blood vessels. And those blood vessels got filled with flesh and gradually changed into a new residence for my grandmothers. It is not that cozy in here because it's very new now. But in time it will be getting cozy and old and someday its frames'll be getting bent in time like an old man. It is the same way as we are born and grown and getting old. Repeated farming every year. A house which has been aresidence for farm family for generations. The landscape that seems to be always same probably will get changed slowly and face the crisis. The field will be widen and we'll get through winter and greet the New Year again. I was taking a photograph of the life of the house and the lives of humen there.
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